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Mybabydeco accepts orders for CUPCAKES, CAKES, CHOCOLATE, BLUEBERRY TART & CANDY BUFFET. We cater for all occasions including of birthday, wedding, cukur jambul, majlis berkhatan, gift to friends & relatives, company functions etc...


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I'm Aini, I love my hubby & 3 lovely children very much and wanna be the best & perfect wife, mother, daughter, friend & to all my dearest customers. Hi there! loved to share the sweetest deco with you all. Many thanks to you for looking at our deco. Appreciate to service you with our deco in the future...


Untuk harga Cupcakes dan design yg terkini.......

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Buttercream Cuppies

CUPCAKES – Vanilla / Choc Solo Cup

1) Saiz S (per box)

Buttercream (Simple)
min 50 pcs starts from RM56

Fondant (Simple)
min 50 pcs starts from RM70

min 25 pcs starts from RM60

2) Saiz M (per box)

Buttercream (Simple)
16 pcs starts from RM35
25 pcs starts from RM48

Fondant (Simple)
16 pcs starts from RM50
25 pcs starts from RM75

16 pcs starts from RM55
25 pcs starts from RM70

**Cupcake untuk hantaran dengan hiasan dari bunga-bunga gumpaste/royal icing/miniature dan sebagainya adalah pada harga berlainan dari nota di atas.


Fondant Cuppies

Special Request


Small Cuppies


ELMO & Edible


16 pcs starts from RM43
25 pcs starts from RM60


Majlis keramaian - Kahwin / Aqiqah etc.


Perasa : Vanila / Choc

(1 Flavour only for every 250 pcs)
Papercup Size M onlly
Plain/No Deco
Order From 250 - 500 pcs
No Packing > 70 sen
Plastic Packaging > 80 sen
Dome / Square Casing > RM1.20

White Buttercream + Buttercream Icing Flowers
Order From 250-500 pcs
Dome / Square casing + small ribbon > RM1.50

White Buttercream + One Royal Icing Flowers
Order From 250-500 pcs
Dome / Square casing + small ribbon > RM1.80

**Tempahan melebihi 500 pcs, sila email untuk harga istimewa.

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